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Metro Elevator leases and sells construction hoists for both temporary and permanent applications. We maintain a large construction hoist rental inventory which includes various types of equipment ready for immediate delivery and erection anywhere in the U. Metro has also performed permanent installations worldwide. All our construction hoists which we lease use a motor, brake, and gear box with a rack-and-pinion system that travels the tower at various speeds. The travel speed will vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the hoist.

For very tallest buidlings, we recommend hoists that can travel up to feet per minute. Many of our construction hoist rentals are equipped with VFDs i. VFD hoists provide a much smoother ride and greatly reduce the chance for mechanical breakdown due to wear and tear on working parts. The construction hoists we typically rent can have either single or twin cars which move from landing to landing along a mast tower.

Construction Hoists

The cars for twin hoists can operate independently while using the same tower. Our construction hoists require a trained hoist operator in most situations unless the hoist is installed with automatic controls. When you hire Metro operators they contact Metro directly if maintenance issues should arise. Our operators are trained to get the elevator working as quickly as possible when minor problems occur without the need to call in a repair technician.

For more information about the kind of temporary construction hoist your job may require, please select any of the links above to help decide which type will best fulfill your needs. If you need more assistance to choose the right elevator for your job, complete our request a quote form or call Metro at or toll free HOISTS-0 Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Construction Hoists Metro Elevator leases and sells construction hoists for both temporary and permanent applications. We can supply construction hoists for two different applications: Personnel and Material — designed to carry up to 8, lbs. Contact Us Request Quote.Learn something new every day More Info Construction hoists are used to lift people or materials to various heights alongside a building or structure being built.

Some types of construction hoists are built exclusively to haul materials, while others are built to haul both materials and people. Jib boom cranes, for example, can only move materials, while elevator hoists can be used to lift workers to high levels of a scaffolding structure. Another type of hoist uses a pulley wheel with a cable wrapped around it numerous times; a hook at the end of the cable is attached to materials to be lifted, and a motor rotates the pulley to move the cable.

A jib boom crane features a vertical post mounted at the top of a building or structure; a horizontal jib is mounted to this vertical post, and a pulley is mounted to the end of the jib. A cable is secured to the crane structure, and it runs through the pulley at the end of the jib.

The cable may be wrapped around another pulley closer to the vertical post, and this pulley may be motorized to control the feed of the cable. At the end of the cable is fixed a hook or other securing mechanism, which can be attached to the items to be lifted.

These construction hoists are used only to haul materials, and the materials must be bundled or otherwise secured to accept the hook. This type of hoist is particularly useful for hauling materials and moving them to a different location by moving the jib. An electrical hoist can be used as well to lift objects in a similar manner as the jib joist, but this type does not use any type of vertical post or jib.

It is essentially a motorized pulley with a cable wrapped around it numerous times; the body can be bolted or otherwise mounted to a fixed structure for stability, and the cable can be raised or lowered according to the operator's needs. Some types of construction hoists are both large and stable enough that people can be moved in them.

These units are motorized, and they travel along a track mounted in sections to a building or structure, or to an independent support system.

The car of these construction hoists will use a rack and pinion system to move up or down, and brakes are usually mounted on the car to allow the operator to stop it in an emergency.

The car itself is usually made of a high grade metal such as certain types of steel, and it will feature gates, rails, or other containment systems to prevent users from falling out or to prevent materials from shifting or falling during lifting. One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted.

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Note that depending on the number of suggestions we receive, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Thank you for helping to improve wiseGEEK! Construction hoists are used to lift people or materials to various heights on a building project.

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Please enter the code:. Login username password forgot password? Register username password confirm email. Optional: Explanation of your recommended changes.On a construction site, elevators play a critical role in your ability to get people, equipment, and materials to where they need to go.

There are several factors that will determine which type of construction elevator is right for your job. Below are the most common types of hoists and lifts for construction sites. These elevators and hoists offer access to mid-rise and high-rise heights.

They can carry anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. The lifts can be as simple as a portable scissor lift or as customized as fitted scaffolding hoists.

Request a Quote Industrial Elevators. These are similar to construction hoists, but often have added safety mechanisms, weather and environment protection, and more. Industrial elevators may provide protection from exposure to harsh weather and can be constructed to withstand extreme environments, such as chemical exposure or hazardous materials.

These lifts tend to be more customized and can vary greatly in their design and configuration. They are typically designed to transport both personnel and material. Request a Quote Material Hoists. These temporary lifts, commonly known as boiler hoists, are widely used for industrial and commercial construction applications.

construction hoist

The types of material hoists available vary greatly. They range from small lifts, made to fit through small spaces, to large lifts that can carry thousands of pounds of cargo. Request a Quote Transport Platforms. These temporary lifts—also commonly known as boiler hoists—are widely used in for industrial and commercial construction projects.

They can range from smaller lifts, made to fit through small spaces, to large lifts with thousands of pounds of lifting capacity.

Construction Hoists

Request a Quote. Project Details. Project Location.Our standard construction hoists feature fully galvanized cars, galvanized enclosures and towers, manual controls and power cable. We have a philosophy of using high tech solutions and offering machines that are robust and durable enough to withstand the most arduous site conditions and the roughest of treatment. Our construction hoists offer a low cost of ownership, with a minimum of spares and consumables being required.

Custom car sizes, door locations, and explosion-proof packages are also available.

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Transport Platforms - Typically transport platforms are similar in design to mast climbers. They are open-air and designed to be used exclusively by specially trained personnel.

Material Lifts - Material lifts are used to move people and material on a construction site quickly and efficiently. Refurbished Elevator Sales - Refurbished rack and pinion elevators see refurbishment process are a cost-effective alternative to buying new equipment. Additionally, lead time for delivery of a refurbished rack and pinion hoist is dramatically reduced, normally only four 4 to six 6 weeks for a complete refurbishment and modernization.

The chart below shows the lifting capacity, car dimensions, and lifting speed for industrial elevators. Customized capacities, car speeds, and features for construction hoists are available. Typically transport platforms are similar in design to mast climbers. Learn More. Material lifts or hoists are used to move people and material on a construction site quickly and efficiently. The term "material lift" covers a wide variety of types and lifting capacities of equipment.

Refurbished rack and pinion elevators are a cost effective alternatives to buying new equipment. Click here to submit a Request for Quote or call us today at 1.

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Refurbished Elevator Sales. Request A Quote.A hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain wraps. It may be manually operated, electrically or pneumatically driven and may use chain, fiber or wire rope as its lifting medium.

The most familiar form is an elevatorthe car of which is raised and lowered by a hoist mechanism. Most hoists couple to their loads using a lifting hook. HMI is a product counsel of the Material Handling Industry of America consisting of hoist manufacturers promoting safe use of their products. The information contained here pertains specially to overhead, construction and mine hoist. Overhead hoists are defined in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME B30 [1] standards as a machinery unit that is used for lifting or lowering a freely suspended unguided load.

These units are typically used in an industrial setting and may be part of an overhead crane. A specific overhead hoist configuration is usually defined by the lifting mediumoperation and suspension. The lifting medium is the type of component used to transmit and cause the vertical motion and includes wire rope, chain or synthetic strap, or rope.

The operation defines the type of power used to operate the hoisting motion and includes manual power, electric power, hydraulic power or air power.

The suspension defines the type of mounting method used to suspend the hoist and includes hook, clevis, lug, trolley, deck, base, wall or ceiling. The most commonly used overhead hoist is electrical powered with wire rope or chain as the lifting medium.

Serial production hoists are typically more cost-effective and designed for a ten-year life in a light to heavy hoist duty service classification. Custom hoists are typically more expensive and are designed for a heavy to severe hoist duty service classification.

Hoist (device)

Serial production hoists were once regarded as being designed for light to moderate hoist duty service classifications, but since the 60's this has changed. A machine shop or fabricating shop will typically use a serial production hoist, while a steel mill or NASA may typically use a custom hoist to meet durability and performance requirements. When selecting an overhead hoist, several application parameters must be considered. These are the average operating time per day, load spectrum, starts per hour, operating period and equipment life.

Proper installation, operation, inspection, maintenance and safe use of overhead hoists is paramount. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers also publishes a number or standards related to overhead hoists.

Also known as a Man-Lift, Buckhoist, temporary elevator, builder hoist, passenger hoist or construction elevator, this type of hoist is commonly used on large scale construction projects, such as high-rise buildings or major hospitals. Many other industries use the buckhoist for full-time operations, the purpose being to carry personnel, materials, and equipment quickly between the ground and higher floors, or between floors in the middle of a structure.

There are three types: Utility to move material, personnel to move personnel, and dual-rated, which can do both.

The construction hoist is made up of either one or two cars cages which travel vertically along stacked mast tower sections. The mast sections are attached to the structure or building every 25 feet 7. For precisely controlled travel along the mast sections, modern construction hoists use a motorized rack-and-pinion system that climbs the mast sections at various speeds.Our construction lifts provide workers with a smooth, and fast ride up to the worksite instead of making a time-consuming climb multiple times daily.

Ideal for vertically transporting both materials and personnel to elevated worksites, our secure and reliable construction hoists eliminate the need for separate personnel and materials elevators. We offer single, and dual cab construction elevators. Common applications for construction elevators to be used in include new high-rise buildings, building renovations, bridge construction, turnaround projects, and shipyard construction projects.

You can find our products in several industries around the world due to our high quality, and unbeatable on-site performance. Construction hoists that can carry both personnel and materials help to create a more effective and productive workplace. See the table below for information on our construction elevators including, cab configuration and lifting capacity, dimensions, rated lifting speed, and lifting height:.

At GEDA we know that construction-site safety is of the utmost importance. That is why our temporary construction elevators are designed and assembled to adhere to all industry standards and safety requirements and undergo a series of rigorous and extensive testing. Construction hoists that can carry both personnel and materials help to create a more effective and productive workplace. VFC 6 ft. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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Multilifts Construction hoists that can carry both personnel and materials help to create a more effective and productive workplace.Your construction project requires the vertical transportation of materials.

You need these activities to take place quickly, reliably and as safely as possible to finish on time and within budget. These circumstances call for a strong and efficient construction material hoist.

The team at USA Hoist has nearly 50 years of experience in setting up material hoists, and we look forward to helping you get what you need for your construction project. A material hoist lift is specially designed to move heavy items up and down at a construction site or in an industrial setting.

You can use a material hoist to transport tools, equipment and supplies to the top of the building safely and securely. For one, these hoists are easy to assemble and take apart. Thus, you spend less time on logistics and more time on construction work, which is a major consideration for many builders.

Our industrial material lift is available in a range of carrying capacities, from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. Our smallest material hoist is 1,pounds and our largest is 4,pounds. Contact us for details on which models will be best for your project.

Our state-of-the-art material hoists come with well-tested safety features — including protection against overloading the car with materials. If this is your situation and you are looking to get a customized material hoistwe will discuss the details with you to ensure the equipment will meet your criteria for the site. USA Hoist offers customized material hoists that are dedicated for transporting just construction materials. As a result, we naturally focus on the goals of our construction company customers.

Our attention to all things having to do with material hoists guarantees that you will get the best return on your hoist investment — whether leasing or buying. You can depend on our rugged material hoists to deliver reliable service for many years.

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Material hoists from USA Hoist are safe and convenient to use with an intuitive set of controls. This means that we can provide you with material hoist lifts that will be certified to meet ANSI A At USA Hoist, we know that our customers have their plates full with so many tasks to accomplish in a limited period.